Sunday, August 9, 2009


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, ex-Malaysian Prime Minister, once said in his speech during the launching of the Malaysian Sepang Formula 1 Circuit,

“Malaysian are practical dreamers. They dreamt of holding a formula 1 race
in Malaysia. They did not go on sleeping and dreaming. With their usual
pragmatism, they plan and built this circuit. Even, as they negotiated to
bring the Formula 1 race here.”

This is where this blog and a company called Practical Dreamer got his name. Practical Dreamer has been incorporated in the early 2006 to wake the Malaysians that they are practical dreamers. There’s so much potential in them that can be explored, hence making them a better person. Through their contribution and commitment, they can make a better Malaysia for all.

Practical dreamer at the early stage was only assisting a training organization called Precession Learning Sdn Bhd. Both Precession Learning and Practical Dreamer were founded by Yusob Puteh. A graduate of Computer Science from the University of Texas, USA, Yusob changes his career from computer programming to logistics and training & development and now Health, Safety and Environment in the Oil & Gas industry. His special area of interest is teambuilding. He was first exposed to the concept of team building when he was heading the Logistics Planning Group of the Corporate International Business Operation Division of the Matsushita’s Malaysia Regional Office in Subang jaya.

Yusob and Precession Learning has conducted series of training programs to more than 60 major organizations from small entrepreneur set-up to government agencies, universities, banks and multinational corporations. One of his well-received programmes is High Impact Team. If you have heard 7C’s before, it was from this High Impact Team program which was launched in 2002. Now, 7C’s is being used by many trainers and training providers. The 7C’s includes Compass, Chemistry, Chieftainship, Communication, Cooperation, Commitment and Creativity. More information on this 7C’s will be made available to you soon.

Let’s join Yusob and his Practical Dreamer to make us a better person by realizing who we really are, what is our strength and how to capitalize the assessment on ourselves to make us a better person.

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